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Take up the shoes of a disgruntled clown named, Slapp- I mean Stabby, in this top-down slasher/shooter. Slash and stab your way through a fun house maze in a fit of clown rage while avoiding the police, or take them out and pick up some fire power. It's up to you, but it's not over till they're all dead.


W,A,D,S - Move

(Hold)Shift - Run

Mouse - Aim

Left Mouse Click - Slash/Shoot

Right Mouse Click - Lunge

Esc - Pause/Quit

R - Restart on death

Spacebar - Skip Text

Developer's Note:

This is a work of fiction, and in no way reflects my opinion on clowns, fun houses, and mass murder. Do not recreate any event depicted in this game.


1.1 Patch Notes:

* Reduced collision box on stabby.

* Increased Stabby's walking and running speed.

* Increased Stabby's Stamina and reduced stamina regain time.

* Added VHS damage effect on intro.

* Increased balloon population a tad.


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mannn this game is ridiculously good and underrated. sad youre not working on it anymore, this had the fundamentals for something really great!

How's the new update going?

Hey, there will probably not be another update on this.

Ohhh... What's the reason? Did you lose passion towards this project?

Are you working on the next update? Just interested...

in the midst of brainstorming ideas. ;)

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Wow, a new patch! Congrats! The next one will add a new ending?


I'm thinking about that. It's totally doable.

(1 edit) (+1)

That was a very decent slasher game, obviously inspired by Hotline Miami! The music was surprisingly fitting and disturbing (reminded me of Manhunt), the artwork was great... However, I have one problem. Our character moves too slow and gets stuck on the corners a lot. Also, is there only one ending where the police shoots you dead?


Hey glad you liked it. Hotline Miami and Manhunt are definitely an influence for sure. yeah that was always an issue I had when debugging the movement, the clown would get stuck on corners. I think I can improve his collision box, and definitely will make him walk faster. I also want to improve the kill meter and Sprint meter, and maybe add some power-ups that randomly drop when you pop a balloon. There is currently only one ending, however I did think about having multiple endings. Thanks for the feedback. I'll probably start working on the update after I finish another project currently in the works. Cheers!


Really?! What's the new project you are currecntly working on?


It's a fun little time waster that may evolve into a bigger game down the road.


damnnnn! creepy

Thanks for playing, I will watch this ASAP. Cheers!

lol :D